Sunflower Apothecary       

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Therapeutic Oils and Creams

The Sunflower Apothecary presents a unique range of therapeutic creams and oils which offer the user the opportunity to assist their own healing.

This range has been carefully developed to promote healing on many levels.  Blends, of the highest, purest ingredients have been  hand- prepared in a centre of high spiritual energy.  The resultant creams and oils are embodiments of this high vibrational energy.

The Sunflower Apothecary creams are simple to use and need only be applied sparingly.

Our Range includes       containing a blend of            Price list  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cream 60 g      Oils 50 ml


                                                                                            Cassia Bark, Inula,                                                   £13.50                           N/A

To align mind body and spirit                                          Frankincense

ASCENSION                                                                       Cassia Bark, Lime,                                                  £13.50                        £10.00

To rise above the difficulties in life                                  Carrot Seed

CLARITY                                                                             Peppermint, Melissa,                                                £13.50                      £10.00

To bring clarity to life                                                        Sweet Orange

FAITH                                                                                   Lavender, Bay Leaf,                                                 £13.50                     £10.00

To walk forward in faith and joy                                             

FORGIVENESS                                                                   Violet Leaf Absolute, Clary Sage,                             £13.50                     N/A

Allowing yourself to move on                                           Sandalwood              

HARMONY                                                                          Sweet Basil, Geranium                                              £13.50                    £10.00

To lift the spirit                                                                   Sweet Orange

HOPE                                                                                  Geranium, Lavender,                                                 £13.50                    £10.00

To dispel despair and anxiety                                          Ylang Ylang, Rose Absolute

JOY                                                                                     Geranium, Sandalwood                                              £13.50                   £10.00

To promote a sense of well being                                  Orange

LIFE                                                                                    Lavender, Lemon,                                                        £13.50                  £10.00

To restore zest and vitality                                             Rose Absolute

PEACE                                                                                Angelica, Ylang Ylang,                                                 £13.50                 £10.00

For inner harmony                                                            Rose Absolute

REJUVENATE                                                                    Cinnamon, Juniper, Lemon,                                         £13.50                 £10.00

Promotes self- healing of the body                                Tangerine

RELEASE                                                                            Lavender, Melissa, Orange,                                        £13.50                 £10.00

Mental, physical or emotional                                          Rose Absolute

RELIEF                                                                                 Benzoin, Chamomile,                                                 £13.50                £10.00

From physical discomfort                                                  Lavender            

SHOCK                                                                                 Sandalwood, Lavender                                               £13.50               £10.00

For panic, stress or trauma 

LIGHT FACE CREAM                                                          Rose Absolute, Patchouli,                                           £13.50                   N/A

A light moisturising cream to                                            Cedarwood

create  an aromatheric face cream                                  

for all skin types

Directions for use


Apply topically and sparingly to the body or the energy field


Use sparingly, in the bath or during massage.

Please note:

1.  The Sunflower Apothecary products should not be taken internally.
2.  Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
3.  The Sunflower Apothecary products should not be self-administered by pregnant women during the first sixteen weeks
     of pregnancy.  Thereafter, we recommend the use of PEACE ONLY.
4.  " Light " face cream contains Cedarwood, which should not be used by pregnant women under any circumstances.
5.  " Alignment " cream should only be used in the energy field.  Do not apply directly to the body.

A note about the longevity of our products

The Sunflower Apothecary creams and oils are fresh and hand prepared.
Using only the purist ingredients, they contain no preservatives.
We recommend you keep your oils and creams in a cool area, away from direct sunlight.