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         Sweet Essence - Fragrance oils

Sweet Essence is a beautiful range of eight fragrance oils to enhance the ambience of the area where they are used.

The fragrance oils provide a simple method of bringing healing to all.

The fragrance oils are for use only in water, in a burner / vaporiser.


SPRING                           For use at the time of vernal equinox. When the land becomes greener,
                                          as the earth is covered by the seeds' birthing process.
                                          A time of total harmony - of and with the earth.

EASTER                          For use during lent and 2 weeks following Easter,
                                         to help all who use it move forward with renewed vigour.

SUMMER                        For use during the longer period of summertime energy.
                                         It will unlock energies held at the cellular and emotional level,
                                         bringing a feeling of well-being, positivity and joy.

AUTUMN                         For use at the time of hibernation and replenishment of energy to those on earth, when slowing
                                         enables the taking-stock of life and the gentle re-organisation of bodily processes.
                                         A time to "cast off" that which is not needed.

WINTER                        Of gentle solstice energy, bringing simplicity, solitude and peace.
                                       A time for back to basics, preparing for the days to come.

CHRISTMAS                 For use during Advent and through to Epiphany.
                                       The energy is of joy and peace, yet also of the simplicity of a child bearing gifts of
                                       starlight, mystery and love.
                                       All the above £8.50 each in 10 ml bottles

Directions for use

* For vaporisation only, use 2 drops in water.

* Do not take internally, or use on the skin.

* Keep out of reach of children and animals.

* Avoid contact with polished surfaces.

* Store in a cool, dark place.